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For individual counseling

We do not participate with any insurance panels and we are considered out-of-network providers.

We choose to not deal with insurance companies because…

Insurance companies dictate clinical decisions such as how many sessions you may have, how long the sessions can be, and demand a mental health diagnosis in order for reimbursement.
We have decided that in order to provide the best care for our clients, we will not participate with insurance companies and not be controlled by them.

Our clients enjoy their privacy and flexibility. Insurance will only cover face-to-face sessions. We also provide online video therapy and phone sessions for those who travel for work, or live in remote or rural areas of the state of Colorado.

Another benefit of not utilizing insurance is that we are able to keep your records completely confidential and private. There will be NO diagnosis on your health record.

Nobody will ever need to know you are in therapy unless you choose to tell somebody.

If you want to use insurance…
We can provide you with a superbill (as an out-of-network provider) receipt for potential reimbursement.

How this works:
You will pay for each individual session, and we give you a superbill that you can submit to your insurance for out-of-network coverage. This service must be requested.

 If your plan provides any coverage for out-of-network providers, you will receive a check directly from your insurance company. You just pay for sessions yourself, and then you’ll receive partial reimbursement from your insurance company if your plan offers any out-of-network coverage.

In order for this to happen, you need to let us know that you need a superbill receipt for each session. This does not guarantee that you will receive reimbursement from your insurance company.

For marriage counseling…

Marriage counseling is not covered under most health insurance plans (whether the counselor is in-network or not). 
For insurance to reimburse for any type of counseling (including marriage/couples counseling), the therapist is required to diagnose a client with a mental health disorder. There is not a reimbursable diagnosis code for marriage counseling.

The only possible way for a counselor to bill an insurance company for marriage counseling is by diagnosing a mental health disorder in one partner and then submitting claims to the insurance company as if they are treating that person’s disorder.